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A special thank you to all of the people and companies for believing in our cause! Without you, we would not be able to afford transportation and would not have had a place to store the contributions.

Again!  Thank you for all of your support and believing in us!


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A note from our founder

All donations go to the people of Jamaica. With your help we will be able to go and give all these wonderful gifts for Christmas. We also want to make a documentary to show everyone the good we are doing to help people. Please join us and follow us on Facebook


• Last year One Love Brigade 
transported and distributed 114 bikes, and numerous other items, to the children in Jamaica.  The 
response was phenomenal!  This year we are tripling our efforts.  We are determined to collect and distribute 300 bicycles and 1000 soccer balls and we need your help! Please 
consider joining in our cause and 
donating either new or gently used items to share with these amazing children. 

 • The average wage in Jamaica is $1.30 an hour, therefore many of these gifts are unattainable without your help. Please contact us - we would be happy to pick up your 
contributions.  Monetary donations are accepted as well. 


Call Us: 763.913.9852

We are an official 5013c nonprofit organization. We are located in Minneapolis, MN. This is our second year as a nonprofit. Our first year was a great learning experience and we are going to continue to bring important materials to the locals of Jamaica. 2016 goal is to bring 300 bikes by December 2016. We will be shipping all the bikes to Jamaica from Minnesota. Once we get the bikes there, we will transport the bikes on a truck into smaller towns through out the Island. We will attempt to filming and and take as many photos as we can to document and share with everyone that donates and loves Jamaica just as much as we do. We will also be stopping at different schools and handing out shoes, shirts, school supplies and more. 

I have been going to Jamaica for the past 22 years now and it is my favorite place to go! I love Jamaica because of the people and a million other reason's! I have been bringing clothes and shoes to the island for the past 10 years and every year I hand out these things and it's amazing to see someone's face when you give them a new pair of jeans, or a new shirt, or shoes! I brought over 120 pounds of item's to give away this year and it was amazing to say the least! I was with my good friend Peter on the last trip and had the chance to meet a few of his children. I watched his son Paul ride this bike and his friends sit and watch as he would ride past them, it created so much joy, this one bike. I was thinking to myself, why can't they have a bike to ride? I decided that I would try my best to bring some bikes for the people and of course the kid's! I said to myself " I will bring these bike's to Jamaica and just give them away" I met a guy in Negril in December of 2014 and told him I was going to bring bikes to Jamaica and he told me I was crazy, this was all the motivation I needed to make this happen! I plan on bringing 100 bike's to Jamaica in December of 2015. I will make sure these go to people who really need them and I will post the photo's of me giving these away with the help of several locals! I plan on collecting the bike's and making sure they are ready to ride, I also want to make sure they have reflectors or reflective tape as you never see them on any bike's and they need them at night for sure. I would love to take in any bike that we could bring and we will get them to someone in Jamaica. I am looking to go in to Kentucky Mountain and hand out some bike's! I will collect these bike's and store them until they are ready to be loaded in to a container and shipped to Jamaica! I will be happy to provide you with photo's of your bike in Jamaica! I am also looking for new shoes as it is very hard to get a decent pair of shoes, I have had people break down in tears after getting a pair of shoe's or if you have sandals it would be huge! Thank you so much for helping my dream come true of giving these kid's and family's bikes and shoes! I will update this site as soon as we gather more information. I'm starting this as a non-profit and nobody will get a salary, every dollar will go to getting these bike's to Jamaica!

JP Liesenfeld