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message from the founder

I have been going to Jamaica for the past 27 years, and it was instantly my favorite destination.  I love Jamaica for a million reasons but mostly the people.  I have been bringing clothes and shoes to the island for the past dozen years, and it is amazing to see their face when you give them a new pair of jeans or a new shirt.  I have had people break down in tears after getting a pair of shoes because it is very hard for many to get a decent pair.


On a trip in 2014, I was with my good friend Peter, and I had the chance to meet a few of his children.  I watched his son Pauly ride a bike.  Pauly's friends just sat and watched him ride past them waiting for their turn.  It created so much joy, this one bike.  I was thinking to myself, why can't they all have a bike to ride?  Coming from a place where having a bike as a kid was taken for granted, I decided that I would try my best to give these kids that same feeling.  I told myself  "I will bring these bikes to Jamaica and just give them away." 


In December of 2014, I met a guy in Negril and told him I was going to bring bikes to Jamaica.  He told me I was crazy. That was all the motivation I needed to make this happen.  My goal to bring 100 bikes to Jamaica in December of 2015 was a success!  Aside from 114 bikes our first year, we delivered many other items including a wheelchair needed for a child with cerebral palsy and supplies to drill a well at an orphanage.  I dubbed it the "The Container of Hope."


2016 was a success as well.  We brought over 300 bikes and 500 soccer balls.   After a chance meeting with Lee "Scratch" Perry, we were blessed to have him join us in distributing bikes to kids in Negril.    

After failing to raise enough money to ship in 2017, we used our funds to build out a school. We then bounced back to ship in 2018 with our biggest load yet.  In addition to bikes and wheelchairs, we worked with the Negril Spay and Neuter Clinic to deliver supplies including kennels and their first surgery table.

This year we have our largest amount of donated goods to date, and I can not wait to see the smiles they create.  With your help, we will deliver as promised for years to come.

Bless up!

JP Liesenfeld 



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